New report on cycling

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group recently reported the findings of an inquiry into the prospects for cycling in Britain. The Group commissioned a report from Professor Phil Goodwin, well worth reading, whose introduction starts:

“I, like most professional transport planners, providers and researchers of my generation, have grown up thinking that cycling, though worthy, is of small significance compared with the great questions of cars, traffic and public transport, or the universal significance of walking. This applies, I think, equally to those who saw the future as building roads for an unending growth in car use, and those who favoured traffic restraint and better public transport– and even those who cycled regularly themselves. We were wrong. The evidence demonstrates quite clearly that, in the words of one witness to the Inquiry …… cycling is the mode of transport ‘on the cusp of greatness’.”

An impressive endorsement of cycling from a very experienced and thoughtful analyst.

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